On Monday June 24, 2013 Blackfeet Housing despite some rainy weather held a ground breaking ceremony to commemorate the beginning of a new Low-Income Housing Tax Credit development (Blackfeet Homes #5). This is the fifth Tax Credit project to enter the development stage. Twenty-Four new homes will be built by BH then occupied by local families. The construction site is located on the land between the recently built North Country Estates and Log Homes. Due to weather the ceremony was moved in to the BH conference room. Things began with a prayer by Clyde Heavy Runner then many other speakers stepped up to the podium to share info about this new mission. Afterward the group made their way out to the job site. The weather had begun to clear, offering a look at the beautiful view some deserving families will soon have from their new homes. Blackfeet Housing would like […]

Blackfeet Housing recently participated in many local student incentives programs. We would like to thank the schools for allowing us to be a part of their incentives programs again this year. BH would also like to thank 3 Rivers RadioShack, Mark Lanes Bowling, and the Heavy Runner Swimming Pool for their contributions to the prize pool. Without the support of vendors like these we would not be able to offer as much. More than 1200 students with Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll, or no Behavior Referrals this school year received gift certificates for bowling or swimming. Qualifying students were also entered into a drawing for a chance to win other cool prizes. Twenty-two student’s names were drawn for prizes consisting of Toshiba laptops, iPods, and portable DVD players. Blackfeet Housing remains devoted to supporting the local youth. We hope these prizes help to inspire students to continue striving for excellence in […]

Blackfeet Housing recently completed our 2013 Clean-Up Week. On May 13th – 17th close to 115 tons of trashed was removed from the reservation, including over 1000 old tires. The BH Board and Administration would like to thank the employees for another awesome job this year. Thank you to all the tenants and other community members that got out and helped us, we appreciate it very much. A big thank you to the Blackfeet Solid Waste Program also for their assistance. Keeping our community, land, and water clean for our future generations is a vital mission.