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With warmer weather approaching Blackfeet Housing begins preparations for their annual clean up week. May 13th through May 17th is the week designated. We would like to invite the tenants and other community members to come get involved.

Blackfeet Housing will be out picking up trash in the common areas of the projects. We will also be out picking up tenant’s larger items and bagged trash from the curbs of the neighborhoods. Please do your best to separate your trash at the curb into Metals, Woods, Tires, Large Plastics, and Bagged Trash. This will allow the workers to process the trash much faster.

The Occupancy department will be mailing out more information to tenants, and trash bags are available to tenants that need them. You can stop in at the warehouse to pick them up. Below is this year’s schedule. Please be advised Babb is not listed, we will be addressing the Babb area the week of May 20th.


May 13 and May 14
North Browning
May 15
Seville & Heart Butte
May 16 and May 17
South Browning
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