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The Blackfeet Housing will accept applications for admission to its Rental Program from applicants who, at the time of application, meet all of the following requirements:

The applicant must qualify as a family. A family includes but is not limited to:

1. An Elderly Family

2. The remaining family member of a tenant family

3. A Displaced person

4. One or more persons (not otherwise defined above) as defined by BH.

An Elderly Family is a family whose head of the household, spouse, or sole member is at least sixty-two years old or disabled or handicapped. Additionally, an Elderly Family may include two or more elderly, disabled, or handicapped persons living together, or one or more such persons living with one or more persons who are determined to be essential to their care or well being.

a. The person was a resident in the project at the time of conversion to public housing.

b. HUD has determined that the project, by design or location is not suitable for occupancy by the elderly, disabled or handicapped.

c. The project has experienced vacancies of at least 60 days and the units are not likely to be occupied within the next 12 months unless made available to single persons.

If the applicant qualifies in one of the eligible categories, he or she has passed the first test for eligibility. However, the BH must also examine the applicant’s annual income before making a final determination eligibility. If the BH determines that the applicants is not eligible based on family composition, it must also notify the applicant of his or her right to a informal hearing and provide a hearing if the applicant requests one.