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The Affordable Home ownership Program was created to provide an opportunity to educate and assist people with the home-ownership process. What makes this program unique is that, it was designed for people that are over income for Blackfeet Housings other programs, the Tax Credit, and Low Rent programs.

Before this, the thought of home ownership was unattainable on the reservation. Individuals with land, or home site leases were the only ones who could achieve home ownership. With the creation of the new home ownership program many more individuals now have the opportunity to try for home ownership. The home ownership program is used as the 1st step in applying for homes that are built in the Glacier Heights Expansion Project.

Any individual that has the means to qualify for the mortgage loan needed to purchase these houses will have to undergo the Affordable Home ownership Program. The program is designed to get people prepared, and become qualified applicants. The 1st step of the program is to attend and complete the Home Buyer Education Class. The 2nd step is follow through with the credit coaching sessions and the 3rd step is the pre-approval process on a mortgage loan and closing of the loan. Upon approval of the loan and being placed into a new home, this will complete the new home ownership program. Please note that an individual’s time in the program depends on their credit report and their attendance.

This is a new and exciting program that we’re happy to offer to the Blackfeet People. The need for housing on the reservation has been critical with many families living with relatives and friends. We hope that by offering this program to those who can afford to take on a mortgage, it will open up more units in our other housing programs. The program is opened to all individuals interested in making home ownership a reality. If you believe that you are a great candidate, and are able to afford paying for a house, stop by the Blackfeet Housing’s offices to see if you are a qualified applicant for our Home ownership program.

Contact Information:

Affordable Home Ownership Program, Blackfeet Housing, 1200 SW Boundary Street, Browning MT 59417. (406) 338-5031 Ext. 284