Income Exceptions

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1. Casual, sporadic, or irregular gifts;

2. Amounts that are specifically for or in reimbursement of the cost of Medical Expenses.

3. Lump sum additions to family assists, such as inheritances, insurance payments under health and worker’s compensation, capital gains, and settlement for personal or property losses (but see paragraph©)(5) of this section):

4. Amounts of educational scholarships paid directly to the student or to the educational institution and amounts paid by the government to a veteran, for use in meeting the cost of tuition, fees, books, and equipment. Any amount of such scholarships, or payments to veterans, not used for the above purposes that are available for subsistence are to be included in income; and

5. The hazardous duty pay to a family member in the Armed Forces away from home and exposed to hostile fire.

6. Income from employment of children (including foster children) under the age of 18 years;

7. Payments received for the care of foster children;

8. Amounts specifically excluded by any other federal statue from consideration as income for purposes of determining eligibility or benefits under a category of assistance programs that includes assistance under the 1937 Act. The following types of income are subject to such exclusion:

a. Relocation payments made under Title II of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies of 1980;

b. The value of the allotment provided to an eligible household for coupons under the Food Stamp Act of 1977;

c. Payments to volunteers under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973;

d. Payments received under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act;

e. Income derived from certain sub marginal land of the United States that is held in trust for certain Indian tribes;

f. Payment or allowances made under the Department of Health and Human Services’ Low Income Energy Assistance Program;

g. Payments derived from the Job Training Partnership Act;

h. Income derived from the disposition of funds of the Grand River Bank of Ottawa Indians;

I. The first $2000 of per capita shares received from judgment funds awarded by the Indian Claims Commission or the Court of Claims, of from funds held in trust for an Indian Tribe by the Secretary of Interior.

If it is not feasible to anticipate a level of income over a 12-month period, the income anticipated for a shorter period may be annualized, subject to a re determination at the end of the shorter period