1. A lease agreement will be entered into by Blackfeet Housing and Tenants before the family may be admitted to a rental housing unit. One copy of the lease agreement will be given to the tenant and one copy will be kept in the BH office. The lease must be current at all times, and must be compatible with BH policies and tribal and federal law.

2. The head of the household and Co-head will sign the lease for the family.

3. If the tenant transfers from one dwelling unit to another a new lease will be executed.

4. If the head of the household or Co-head changes, a new lease will be executed.

5. If the amount of the rent changes, a notice will be dated, signed and furnished to the tenant. The notice will be come part of the existing lease between the tenant and Blackfeet Housing.

6. If the lease provisions must be changed:

a. The existing lease may be cancelled and a new lease extended.

b. An appropriate rider may be added to the existing lease; or

c. Appropriate insertions may be made within the existing lease.

Riders and insertions (except regarding rent changes) must be dated and signed or Initiated by the tenant and BH. Outdated leases will be kept in the tenant’s master file folder. The HUD Form 50058 may be used as a rider to the lease, if such procedures is adopted by the Housing Board.