Maintaining the Waiting List

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1. Separate waiting lists shall be maintained for the Rental Housing Program, Voucher Program, Home Program and the Last Star Program

2. All applications shall be filed in the waiting list file unless a unit is immediately available for the applicant.

3. The waiting list shall be divided according to bedroom size needed, priority categories and date of application.

4. The BH Application Review Committee will review all new applications to determine eligibility and preference. Preference assignments for previous applicants may be changed at this time and the waiting lists updated.

5. Determination of the number of bedrooms required by an applicant shall be made according to the Occupancy Standards.

6. For each bedroom size, applicants shall be listed according to Federally Mandated Preferences as outlined in Section II.

7. Elders, disabled, or handicapped applicants only shall be placed on the waiting list for and selected to fill vacancies in elderly projects.

8. The eligibility pstatus of each applicant on the waiting list shall be updated annually, in the month of July, only.

9. BH has the right to close the application process for all programs. If the Board of Commissioners decides to close the application process, BH will only accept applications, per availability of units and after the waiting list is exhausted. Applications will be accepted on per bedroom size or per program as needed. If BH is in need of applications then BH will only accept applications for 30 days and then close the application process.
Closing or reopening of the application process will be publicly announced prior to action being taken.