Notification of Selected Families

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1. The Occupancy Technician assigned to the vacant unit will notify each family personally selected for rental housing to include the following statements:

a. That the family has been selected.

b. The project, unit number and street address of the family’s unit (selected families may have a choice of several units);

c. The date on which the lease will take effect and that family may move in;

d. That the head of the household and spouse must arrange to visit the Housing office to complete the occupancy interview and sign the lease prior to the date of occupancy.

e. That the family must respond immediately within five (5) working days of personal notification or forfeit the unit.

f. That the required security and utilities deposit must be paid prior to the date of occupancy; and

g. That the documentation regarding income must be provided prior to occupancy.

h. That the Drug-Free Policy be signed, prior to the date of occupancy.

2. If an applicant if offered a suitable unit and fails to respond to Blackfeet Housing or accept and move into the unit as required, the applicant will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list unless an adequate reason relating to hardship, inopportune timing of the move, extraordinary distance from a family member’s place of employment, etc., can be shown.

3. If an applicant fails to complete all other pertinent actions ( i.e., making security and utilities deposits, etc.), within the required time period, he will forfeit the unit.

4. That the family must participate in a move-in inspection of its unit and sign an inspection report stating the actual condition of the unit.