Occupancy Standards

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1. The following standards will determine the number of bedrooms required to accommodate a family of a given size:

0 1 1
1 1 2
2 2 4
3 4 6
4 6 8
5 8 10
6 10 12

2. Two persons shall normally occupy each bedroom, except in the following circumstances:

a. A child of less than two years of age may occupy the same bedroom as the parents.

b. Except for husband and wife, and children up to five years of age, persons of the opposite sex will not occupy the same bedroom.

3. In determining the number of bedroom needed, BH will give consideration to sex and age of family members, and to physical health problems of family members.

4. Occupancy standards may be waived:

a. When a vacancy problem exists and waiving the standard is necessary to maintain full occupancy; or

b. When there is an emergency need for housing and there is not a unit of the required size available.