Right to Reject Applicants

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1. Applications for BH assistance will not be accepted where one or more family members listed on family composition have been previously convicted of Drug Related activities. Each applicant will be reviewed by Board action.

2. The Blackfeet Housing Application Review Committee, has the right to reject applicants for housing in cases where it has determined that admission of the applicant would be damaging to the health, safety, or welfare of other tenants, or the financial stability or physical environment of the project.

3. In order to determine whether the admission of an applicant would be damaging to the health, safety, or welfare of all tenants, the Blackfeet Housing Application Review Committee will take into account the following factors:

a. Applicant’s past performance in meeting financial responsibilities, especially rent;

b. Any record of disturbance of neighbors, destruction of property or living or housekeeping habits which may be damaging to the health, safety, or welfare of other tenants;

c. Any history of criminal activity involving crimes of physical violence to persons or property and other criminal acts which would be damaging to health, safety, or other tenants.

4. In the event of the receipt of the unfavorable information about an applicant, consideration will be given to the time, nature and seriousness of the applicant’s behavior and to factors which might show a reasonable chance of favorable future behavior or financial prospects, for example:

a. Evidence of rehabilitation;

b. Evidence of the applicant family’s participation in or willingness to participate in social service or other appropriate counseling programs and the availability of those programs;

c. Evidence of the applicant family’s willingness to attempt to increase family income and availability of training or employment programs in the locality.

5. Rejected applicants will be notified in writing and may appeal the determination. Applicants will be informed in writing by the Application Processor of the reasons for ineligibility and will be given an opportunity to appeal the decision within the following fifteen-day period.