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1. A security deposit of $200.00, $75.00 for elderly, handicapped, or disabled heads of household, must be paid by tenants at the time of admission.

2. A security deposit will be deposited to an appropriate account and will not be used except when the tenant vacates the unit and leaves with unpaid delinquent rent charges or when there are charges associated with move-outs.

3. The security deposit will be returned to the tenant when the tenant vacates the unit if:

a. There is no unpaid rent or other charges owed to BH by the tenant.

b. The move-out inspection shows that the unit is reasonably clean with no damages except those resulting from normal wear and tear.

c. The keys are returned to the BH office. A charge against the security deposit will be made for tenants who fail to return the keys.

4. Within 30 days, Blackfeet Housing will forward to the vacating tenant a written accounting of the use of the security deposit, plus a check for the unused amount.