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Applications will be dated and time stamped upon receipt in the BH office and person submitting the application will be required to sign the application log. When received by mail the application will be recorded in the BH mail log. The waiting list shall be maintained as set forth in this policy.

All applications will be reviewed to determine if the family appears to meet Income and family definition requirements of the NAHASDA regulations.

1. The waiting list will sort by time and date:

a. College preference. – Voucher Program Only
b. Blackfeet enrolled member living on the Blackfeet Reservation,
descendant/non-member, custodial parents who are parents of enrolled children living on Reservation..
c. Blackfeet enrolled members living off the Blackfeet Reservation.
d. Enrolled members of other Federally Recognized Tribes.
e. Blackfeet descendants on the Blackfeet Reservation.
f. Blackfeet descendants off the Blackfeet Reservation
g. Other Applicants.