1. Transfers of tenants to different units shall be approved by the Occupancy Staff if the size of the family changes, and the dwelling no longer is appropriate to the family’s needs, according to the occupancy standards. Such tenants will be required to move to other available units which are the correct size.

2. Transfers will be allowed to different area for medical, educational, and job related reasons. These types of transfers must have verified documents supporting the request to move.

3. Tenants approved for transfer shall have priority over new applicants when vacant units are filled.  Approval will be based on family size, Accounts receivable, Condition of unit, current re certification, and lease compliance. However, at the discretion of BH Staff, BH  may transfer that individual to an appropriately sized unit.  The monies and amounts due BH by the individual shall remain, and transfer only after repayment agreement is done as well.

4. To avoid overcrowding of rental units, tenants are required to inform Blackfeet Housing whenever there is a change in household composition from that shown on the application.

5. An inspection of the unit occupied will be done and an estimate of the move-out repairs will be given to the tenant and must be paid in full prior to transferring.