Verification of Information

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1. All information provided by applicants for admission and by selected families will be verified. Applicants must provide proof of their statements when requested to do so by the staff of BH.

2. Verification of this information must be received prior to move-in.

3. Earned income must be verified through employers or appropriate forms at the time of admission and again at least annually at each re certification. Unearned income must be verified by appropriate documentation.

4. A doctor’s certification is required to document disability ppstatus. A doctor’s certification as to the degree and length of disability is also required for disabled heads of households or their spouses who are not receiving in order for the elderly family to receive the deduction of medical expenses in excess of 3 percent of their annual income.

5. Adult applicants must sign a form allowing, for the entire period of occupancy, the release of information which will be needed to determine eligibility and monthly rent payments.

6. If a selected family fails to provide or to arrange for provision of income and other
documentation, BH will not allow occupancy until such information is provided.